The Graves house on North Pacific Street was built in 1887. It was owned by Dr. Henry Graves, a resident of Riverside. This oceanfront cottage was their vacation home where they would spend their summers. The house was sold to Charles Burlock in 1905. Angeline Morgan later acquired the home and owned it for over 40 years.

In 1985 Paramount Pictures rented the house for two weeks and used it as the home of¬†Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Blackwood,¬† played by Kelly McGillis in the blockbuster movie “Top Gun”. Released in 1986 the film would solidify Tom Cruise as a box office success and an A-list star. Since that time, the house became a favorite landmark for both residents and visitors.

Aside from its “role” in the movie “Top Gun”, the Graves House is important architecturally as the last oceanfront Folk Victorian cottage in San Diego County.