Presentation: Latino Americans – 500 Years of History
by Victor Villasenor, author of Rain of Gold.

Article: Young Keno: The Marshal gets His Man
by Jeff Smith, Nov. 26, 2014

“Stand back! Clear the way!” San Diego police cleared a path for John Murray, handcuffed and manacled, through an angry crowd to the courtroom. Many were armed, all were mad — hungry
mad — to string Murray up. As he shuffled along, he saw death in every eye and begged the guards to keep the mob at bay.
Once inside, Murray noticed a man who stared at him and wouldn’t blink. Taller than the rest, he was in his mid 20s, a good six-foot-three, thick mustache that dripped over his upper lip, coal-black hair parted down the middle: Keno Wilson, the new marshal of Oceanside.
Five days before, Murray shot Wilson’s brother Charley in cold blood. Observers said the marshal shot Murray a look that could harrow hell.

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